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Children and young people encounter contemporary dance by actively experiencing creative artistic processes, together with dance artists. They learn new techniques and try out new things. The school projects are taking place in different parts of Munich. Thereby, the mediation of dance as part of cultural participation is made accessible to all children and young people. Every year, 50 to 80 dance projects with school classes from different schools are being realised in Munich and the surrounding areas.All offers apply to morning, as well as afternoon sessions.

The projects are being carried out in coordination with the official framework hygiene plan of the government of Upper Bavaria.

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As a sustainable project in the field of aesthetic education, we offer tailor-made projects of creative dance for children in day-care centres. The offer is based on the method of contemporary dance and is already being carried out by dance artists and mediators in 30 schools in Munich for 12 years.

Hereby, contemporary dance acts as a non-verbal, intuitive, associative and dynamic form of art and expression, regardless of origin and level of education.

Dance is a motivation for creative and social engagement with one's own personality and environment.

Dance opens horizons, reduces inhibitions, has an integrative, inclusive and community-building effect.
The dance projects in day-care centres are oriented towards the following educational dimensions according to the quality framework of the Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e. V. (Federal Association of Dance in Schools):

perceive / experience / feel
explore / practise / create
reflect / understand
present / stage

The aim of the pilot project is to enable an early access to cultural education by integrating dance projects in such a way that all children will enjoy the project in the course of their time at the day-care centre.

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FOKUS TANZ promotes accessibility to cultural participation and engagement with current art forms. In tailor-made projects, the FOKUS TANZ team realizes interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with theatres, museums, orchestras, clubs and freelance artists, in which the focus is on enjoying artistic processes and techniques and promoting personal development and team building.

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Dance connects beyond language, brings people into contact and makes communication possible. 

Dance creates spaces that allow for personal and social identification. 

Beyond the fact that music and dance provide opportunities to process experiences, they bring joy and create space to exchange, try out, and play with others, even without words. 


Since 2015, Grenzen-los-tanzen has been cooperating with shelters as a program area of FOKUS TANZ and has been offering dance for children and young people on site. In a team of two to three dance professionals, dance classes are offered weekly according to age. The project focuses on long-term cooperations and requires a close collaboration with the local team. The team of dance artists is accompanied by supervision and professional exchange.

During the past months, contact with the children was maintained through postal project formats.


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