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Vier Jungen auf der Bühne. Zwei stehen im Hintergrund, zwei machen Handstand im Vordergrund.


Dance is seen as an essential element in the development of cultural education for children and young people at all types of schools in Munich and the surrounding area. Since March 2006, dancers, choreographers and dance teachers have been going to schools with assistants to introduce dance as an art form to pupils, teachers and parents. Over a period of six weeks to several months, artists and pupils work on small pieces or dance sequences. Part of the concept is the dialogue with the artists through a visit to a dance play or a professional stage rehearsal. Dance in Schools promotes new ways of bringing the art form of dance, its current forms and developments closer to a young audience through personal experience.

In the school context, the aim is to convey the experience of art and to infect young people with their own passion for this art. High-quality, process- and pro- duct-oriented dance-artistic work with children and young people implies high pedagogical and social values.

School should offer a protected framework for testing one's own personality, a manageable place where everyone experiences that he/she is needed. A place that offers a first publicity, where one enjoys being seen and where one learns to express oneself. A protected laboratory where you are allowed to make mistakes.

Dance as an art form

Mediation of further competences

Project formats

We are happy to advise you on the project units, costs, process, etc. and help you to find the best format for you. Feel free to contact us! ​ 


Eva Seidl, Pedagogical Direction

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