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Eine Gruppe tanzt und bewegt sich im Museum um antike Statuen herum. Jede*r trägt Kopfhörer.


Dance connects beyond language, brings people into contact and makes communication possible. 

Dance creates spaces that allow for personal and social identification. 

Beyond the fact that music and dance provide opportunities to process experiences, they bring joy and create space to exchange, try out, and play with others, even without words. 


Since 2015, Grenzen-los-tanzen, as a program area of Fokus Tanz, has been cooperating with shelters and offering dance for children and young people on site. In a team of two to three dance professionals, dance classes are offered weekly according to age. The project focuses on long-term cooperations and requires a close collaboration with the local team. The team of dance artists is accompanied by supervision and professional exchange.


The project is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the Department for Health and Environment.




Andrea Marton, Project Management

More information here.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Grenzen-los-tanzen now offers weekly dancing for Ukrainian children between the ages of 6 and 10 with translation into Ukrainian.



Wednesdays, 3 - 5 pm



T29 dance space


80335 Munich

U1/U7 underground station Mailingerstraße



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