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Zwei Personen sitzen auf der Bühne vor einer Wand aus Kartons. Die eine Person scheint die andere zu trösten.


explore dance is building a sustainable structure for the production of contemporary dance pieces for young audiences, thus closing the existing gap in cultural offerings for children and young people.


Since 2018, established choreographers have been invited to Potsdam, Munich and Hamburg within the nationwide network to develop and present new works for young audiences. The pieces are essentially aimed at an age group between 5 and 15 years.


Two formats will be created within the framework of explore dance - a pop-up piece that can be shown in classrooms or in public spaces in a mobile and technically simple way, and a stage production. During the rehearsal phase, the artists enter into direct exchange with children and young people and involve them in their creative work in various mediation formats such as workshops, rehearsal visits and research sessions. Each year a festival takes place, rotating at all three venues, which presents all productions of a season bundled within one festival week. The festival also offers the opportunity for exchange of experiences, thematic labs, workshops and further education formats as well as symposia.



Munich Plays since 2018:



Diego Tortelli - Shifting Perspective © Franz Kimmel


by Diego Tortelli

May Zarhy - Libelle © Nicole Wytycak


by May Zarhy

Andrea Costanzo Martini - PayPer Play © Yair Meyuhas

PayPer Play

by Andrea Costanzo Martini



by Rotem Weissman


Anna Konjetzky - MOVE MORE MORPH IT © Franz Kimmel


by Anna Konjetzky

Ceren Oran - Fliegende Wörter © Tania Bloch

Fliegende Wörter

by Ceren Oran

Martina La Ragione - THIS WALL HAS NO TITLE © Mehmet Vanli

This Wall has no title

by Martina La Ragione

Banner_Sahra Huby_Hey Körper!_3_FOTO+Gabriela Neeb.jpeg

Hey Körper?!

by Sahra Huby

You can request the Pop Ups for your school!

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