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The project explore dance - network dance for young audiences has had a special position at Fokus Tanz since 2018. In addition to experiencing and learning about contemporary dance, we want to enable children and young people - especially in a school context - to participate in the reception of art. Only in the connection between creative work and reception do we create sustainable opportunities for participation. Therefore, the production of dance for young audiences is a very important concern for us.


explore dance is a unique nationwide network of four partners: fabrik moves Potsdam, Fokus Tanz I Tanz und Schule e.V. Munich, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg and HELLERAU - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, who have entered into a long-term cooperation to develop a structure for the production of contemporary dance pieces for young audiences. Within the framework of the joint project, established choreographers are invited to develop new works for young audiences and present them in all cities. The research for the development of the piece will focus on involving children and young people in order to approach their themes and to experiment with artistic techniques together. The works are shown on stage by professional artists and are followed by various mediation offers and discussions with the young target group.


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Dance for Young Audience:

Touring Models of European Dance Institutions - Structures for Visibility and Sustainability of Artistic Work

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Germany in the production of dance pieces for young audience - a trend that has been observed in other European countries for a long time and which can therefore look back on an evolved structure.

The cross-national Network Dance for Young Audience - explore dance, which has been in existence since 2018, has therefore set itself the goal of filling a still existing gap in cultural offerings for children and young people in Germany and thus developing and strengthening the field of dance for young audience nationwide through the production, mediation and reception of dance pieces at a high artistic level.
Cultural offerings for children and young people in particular have experienced a significant decline due to the pandemic. The engagement with body and movement will therefore become even more important for the development of children and young people in the coming years.

With a first digital series of events we draw attention to dance networks and dance institutions in other European countries to present best practice models in touring.

The Zoom series is intended to serve both the exchange and the networking of partner institutions across Europe.
Participating institutions will report on touring models and present country-specific themes and ideas.

07.10. //  3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Noémie Delfgou / RESO-Network / Switzerland
Àngels Margarit / Mercat de Les Flors / Catalonia


04.11. //  3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Lia Prentaki / The Place / England
Laurent Méheust / Célia Bernhard / LOOPS-Network / France


02.12. //  11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Ulla Gad / Dansehallerne / Denmark
Mia Larsson / Riksteatern / Sweden


Monica Gilette: Moderation


Duration 90 minutes

Via Zoom


Registration via email: info@explore-dance.de

Please indicate for which dates you would like to register.

More detailed information to each session will follow.

Sahra Huby_Jean-Marc Turmes
Rotem Weissman_Lihi Wolff

explore dance enters the second funding phase:

Sahra Huby and Rotem Weissman represent Munich 2022/23


The nationwide dance network explore dance for young audiences enables children and young people to experience contemporary dance art on stage as audience members on the one hand and to actively participate in the art form of dance themselves on the other. For the 2022/23 season, the partner institutions K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, fabrik Potsdam, Fokus Tanz have issued an open call for the next Pop Up productions for the first time. The two choreographers Sahra Huby and Rotem Weissman were selected from Munich.


With Sahra Huby, a choreographer has been invited to Munich who has already worked as a dancer in an explore dance Pop Up and has had numerous guest performances. In her works, she focuses on the situational togetherness of people and opens up the artistic process for the observing counterpart. With "Body Atlas" she creates a piece that playfully addresses the constitution and deconstruction of bodies by bringing together movements and drawings.

Rotem Weissman's choreographic works have been shown at international festivals and captivate with their strong visual language. For her new piece "Prism" she creates a colourful world that stimulates the children's imagination. Weissman shows how diverse reality can be interpreted in dance.

The artists will meet their target group for the first time at a Research Lab in September 2022. This multi-perspective prelude will enrich the artistic process. The two new pieces will be premiered in winter 2022/23.


explore dance - Network Dance for Young Audiences is the joint project of Fokus Tanz Munich, fabrik Potsdam and K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. Funded since 2018 by the programme TANZPAKT Stadt Land Bund, the project closes a nationwide gap in cultural offerings for children and young people and aims to sustainably strengthen and artistically develop the field of dance for young audiences. From July 2022, HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts Dresden will join the project as a fourth partner and, by expanding the network to four federal states, will strengthen the visibility of the field.


In the new funding phase from July 2022 to the end of 2023, explore dance will focus artistically on educational offers and pop-ups as mobile productions that open up access to dance in schools, museums, cultural centres and theatre spaces both regionally and nationally. The nine or in future 12 productions will be presented at three (in future four) festivals. Embedded in the festivals are professional platforms that offer space for networking and a dialogue on cultural and educational policy.


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