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Based in Edinburgh, Curious Seed is an award-winning company which produces and presents inspiring dance theatre work and interconnected creative learning programmes, both at home and internationally. We collaborate with exceptional artists to create work that reaches across ages, art forms – with experience in making work with and for young people - bringing something unique to the dance landscape of Scotland and to the world.

Our work is researched, developed, and managed by a small core team. We collaborate with many other partners and organisations at home and abroad to create, produce and share our projects and performances. Curious Seed is supported by Creative Scotland.

The team of Curious Seed [UK]: 

  • Christine DEVANEY; dance artist

  • Hannah VENET; dance artist

  • Hendrik LEBON; dance artist

  • Holly IRVING; dance artist

  • Vicky RUTHERFORD-O'LEARY; coordinator

To the dance artists of Curious Seed



LES SCHINI'S is a contemporary dance company strongly influenced by gestural theatre, founded by Mélodie Cecchini and Gaëtan Boschini, both dancers and choreographers.

Based in Bordeaux in the New Aquitaine region, their work is situated between the creation of live shows, audiovisual and the transmission of their teaching methods. With their past experiences as performers and the artistic and human network that Mélodie and Gaëtan have built up, the company creates and responds to regional as well as European projects: They organise dance workshops and courses with artists from all over Europe to participate in the development and consolidation of the movement arts community in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and have been invited to teach in various training centres all over Europe.

The team of Les Schini’s [F]:

  • Gaëtan BOSCHINI; dance artist

  • Mélodie CECCHINI; dance artist

  • Patricia CANHOTO; coordinator and dance artist 




  • Kinga SZEMESSY; content monitoring expert and documentator

To the dance artists of LES SCHINI'S




AppArt Association runs the inclusive performative arts community of MáSzínház that works for, and together with, vulnerable groups, primarily with people living with intellectual disabilities. They use drama and theatre in education as a tool to help them develop their social skills and live their freedom of expression. Moreover, they create and perform inclusive theatre shows, together with their members and invite professionals to make their talent visible and to promote the idea of inclusive creation.


ArtMan Association for the Arts and Movement Therapy provides administrative background for the previously existing Tánceánia Dance Company, and the recently established Artmenők Art Program, and furthers initiatives in education and therapy for other groups with special needs. ArtMan’s approach focuses on integrating concepts and practises of movement studies (somatic approaches, CI and therapeutic methods) and performing arts for people with special needs, and offers a creative environment, where experience can be shared and mutual learning can happen in an equal partnership of participants of all abilities.

The team of AppArt & ArtMan [H]: 

  • Andrea MÉSZÖLY; dance artist

  • Bernadett JOBBÁGY; coordinator and dance artist

  • Gábor Csaba MÁRTON; artist and artistic director of AppArt / MáSzínház

To the dance artists of AppArt / ArtMan




The contweedancecollective, founded in 2016, is an interdisciplinary collective with a focus on contemporary dance. The founders Johanna Knefelkamp-Storath & Laura Saumweber have been working on collaborative projects in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands since 2013. Together, they are establishing their own local and international productions, events and dance mediation projects. The collective unites interdisciplinary methods and structures of dance, theatre and music under the common vision "connecting people through dance". These are used to open a space for interpersonal, socially critical and reflective experiences for the audience and project participants. Local and international artists are regularly invited to collaborate for specific works.


The Stichting De Dansers is a Utrecht-based company of dancers and musicians, led by choreographer/dancer Josephine van Rheenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille. They create "dance concerts" – organic meetings of modern dance and live music. De Dansers wants to inspire physicality and a personal connection, especially in a society in which we increasingly interact on screens. They particularly believe in the value of dance at a young age, when your body is full of movement, asks for running, jumping, touching. Moreover, they are experts in the first encounter with dance and create works for adults and children / families, for whom they play in different spaces – from (pop) festivals with national coverageand theatres, to school performances in theatres and gyms. De Dansers work with partners in Utrecht in custom-made outreach projects to help build the dance audience of the future.

The team of contweedancecollective & De Dansers [NL]: 

  • Johanna KNEFELKAMP-STORATH; dance artist

  • Jos DAAMEN; dance artist

  • Laura SAUMWEBER; coordinator and dance artist

  • Martha KRÖGER; dance artist

  • Sanne WICHMAN; dance artist

To the dance artists of contweedancecollective / De Dansers


Head organisation of Conchances

Fokus Tanz I Tanz und Schule e.V. is a non-profit association that has been providing access to artistic practice for children and young people through professional dance practitioners in schools and other contexts since 2006. In recent years, it has expanded this expertise through explore dance – dance productions for young audience – and by hosting the international festival Think Big! Another main focus lies on dance education and qualification, as part of the initiative ACCESS TO DANCE – Tanzplan München, which contributes to the promotion and strengthening of contemporary dance in Munich in Bavaria. Fokus Tanz offers a constant and wide range of further education and training courses for dancers, dance mediators and dance teachers and realises participatory art projects in collaboration with museums, orchestras and theatres.

The team of Fokus Tanz [GER]: 

  • Andrea MARTON; coordinator and dance artist

  • Anja BRIXLE; operational coordinator

  • Barbara GALLI-JESCHECK; dance artist

  • Lara PASCHKE; dance artist 

To the dance artists of Fokus Tanz


The project "conchances" is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Logo von Erasmus + . Blaue Schrift auf weißem Grund mit der Europa Flagge.
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Logo von der Compagnie De Dansers
Logo von der Compagnie contweedancecollective
Logo von der Compagnie Curious Seed
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