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© Severin Vogl

DANCE & CREATE with Daniela Holloch

Dance for children from 6 - 10 years


Dance as a journey of discovery means imagination, creativity, the joy of moving to music. Sometimes very loud and then quiet again, sometimes fast, jerky or flowing. Contemporary dance offers children the opportunity to discover and express themselves through movement.


The dancers develop their own movement material alone, in pairs or in small groups and thus become little choreographers. They actively shape the process of the project and experience what dance can be as an art form. At the end of the project, the children's works are shown in a small performance.


every saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Start: 04th February 2023



T29 dance space


80335 Munich

U1/U7 underground station Maillingerstraße


Thanks to public funding, the course can be offered for a contribution towards costs of 50 €.


Registrations to

New workshops 2023



Dance education online and offline - how the MoveApp by CocoonDance gets bodies moving // Workshop with Susanne Schneider


11th February 2023 - More information




Workshop with SVUNG from Budapest


29th + 30th April 2023 - More information



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Drei Personen auf der Bühne nehmen einen Preis entgegen.

© Ursula Kaufmann

Award from Aktion Tanz for "Outstanding Development in Dance" - Deutscher Tanzpreis 2022


FOKUS TANZ as (founding) member celebrates with Aktion Tanz!!!! On 15th October 2022, Aktion Tanz e. V. received the "Honour for Outstanding Development in Dance" during the festive gala for the Deutscher Tanzpreis at the Aalto Theatre in Essen!


With this award, those colleagues of Fokus Tanz are also honoured for the many years of joint work with the aim of anchoring dance as a creative component in schools. Click here for the jury's detailed statement. 


© Andrea Huber


Stories from Neuperlach. A theatre spectacle.


In cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele and four schools in Neuperlach, 140 young people research favourite places and their own points of view in urban space and school. They make theatre about the here and now. With dance and performance, video and sound, art and skill, they board the stage at the Schauspielhaus and bring their Neuperlach to Maximilianstraße. 

Galli/Lindner/Paschke/Voigt - playing places

Video by Lily Erlinger documenting the premiere of "playing places" on 10th July 2022

playing places by and with Simone Lindner, Lara Paschke, Barbara Galli-Jeschek and Katharina Voigt at this year's THINK BIG!#9 Festival 


playing places takes on the task of understanding Max-Joseph-Platz in the centre of the city, which is surrounded by traditional cultural venues, as a dazzling interplay of encounters between different actors, and to redefine urban society and the appropriation of public spaces with performative impulses from dance and music. Existing structures and hierarchies are questioned and the framework they seem to provide is exploded by understanding the urban space as a space of possibility for encounter, exchange and joint exploration. playing places encourages people to enter into a dance relationship with the hustle and bustle of the city and to experience it from different perspectives. 


Around 250 people attended both the public rehearsal and the performance, with the dress rehearsal largely attended by children and young people, while on Sunday a mixed audience of all ages came together to experience the city space anew. The performance, conceived in the choreographic collective of Barbara Galli, Simone Lindner, Lara Paschke and Katharina Voigt, was concretised and realised with performers from the independent contemporary dance scene in Munich. The musical composition of Leonard Kuhn's Soundscapes and the life performance of the alto clarinettist Jakob Lakner complemented the performative interventions, dance explorations and urban relationships of playing places to create a synaesthetic urban experience.

© Ray Demski

© Ray Demski


Neues Netzwerk - Neuer temporärer Trainings- und Probenraum für Münchens freie Tanzszene


Mit T29 dance space, einem neuen Trainings- und Probenraum im Stadtteil Neuhausen, erhalten Münchener Tanzschaffende in der akuten Raumnot vorübergehend einen neuen Ort.

Münchner Tanzszene erhält 750.000 Euro Bundesmittel

(25.10.2021) Münchner Tanzschaffende erhalten Mittel aus der Bundesförderung TANZPAKT RECONNECT. Acht von 91 bundesweiten Maßnahmen werden 2022 in München gefördert. Damit gehen fast 750.000 Euro von insgesamt rund elf Millionen Euro in die Metropolregion München. 


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